Kevin's Pyramids

A Stained Glass Collection Created to Benefit Epilepsy Research, New Therapies, and Awareness


Kevin's Pyramids was written in 2012 to tell our family's story, and the story of the pyramids.  As each pyramid was created, some insight would seem to accompany or grow out of it.  Although the book was not written until more than a year after all the pyramids were finished, it was no problem to look at each one, and remember exactly what I was thinking about as that particular pyramid emerged.  The pyramids are sequenced in the book in the order in which they were created, and as such, form a record of the healing that took place with each one.

In 2017, Kevin's Pyramids  was edited and updated with a new foreword and preface,  information about  the film Last Pyramid ,  Kevin's Fellows, and Joyful Remembrance. 

If you would like to support the Epilepsy Foundation, to hear more about our journey, please consider ordering a book!   I have been told by many that the book was healing for them, and I hope it will be for you as well.  You might consider giving the book as a gift, especially to anyone you know who has lost a child.  It also makes a great Christmas or birthday gift just because it is so visually appealing.  It is a good feeling when you support a cause that works to help those who suffer.  Speaking for the Epilepsy Foundation, and for myself, we  are enormously grateful for your caring and support.  It means a great deal, more than you might even imagine.

All profits from the sale of Kevin's Pyramids will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation's work with research, new therapies, and awareness.   This high-quality, beautifully printed art/photography book is priced at $75.  Your donation will receive a charitable tax deduction of $45, the amount over and above the cost of printing the book. 

Kevin's Pyramids can be ordered either here, through this website, or at   Again, we thank you for your support!  And I personally thank you for helping remember my beloved Kevin with your gift.

The Book


Created for the Benefit of Epilepsy Research, New Therapies and Awareness