Our dear friends, Jim and Lynda Letteney

Heading home after the wrap - tired but satisfied

The  Film Crew:  Rosey, Kim Macher,  Samantha Macher, Trish Barnes, Dave Schachter, Ben Powell

The Film

My beloved dad, Edward Barnes.  He passed on December 18, 2015


Created for the Benefit of Epilepsy Research, New Therapies and Awareness

Filming in the studio

Last Pyramid

     As early as 2012, my friend Kim Macher began to tell me that she 'saw our story on the big screen.'   Kim is a powerful visionary, a connector, a creator, and I still marvel that she should be such a blessing in my life.  For my part, I never quite tuned in to the film idea, never quite believed it could happen, until one day Kim told me that the Epilepsy Foundation had obtained funding from UCB, and that we would begin filming as early as fall of 2014.  I was amazed and delighted!

     In September,  the team arrived -  Kim, Sam, Dave and Ben - and with their dynamic, optimistic enthusiasm, started sharing ideas of how the film might be produced.  At first, no one was certain where it would go or even what it would look like.  But it quickly grew, organically, from the bottom up.  It was such a remarkable experience for me, welcoming these dedicated professionals into my home, my studio, and ultimately, into my heart.  They all brought beautiful energy and a sense of purpose to telling the story, to making a dream into a reality.  After all the years I had worked alone, in isolation,  believing and hoping that somehow,  someday, the story would come to light,  there now was a whole group who shared this intention.    It was a spectacular affirmation of our journey, mine and Kevin's.  To this day, I am amazed and grateful that this immensely talented group of people arrived in my life.   Pretty sure Kevin had something to do with it!

     It became clear as time went on that the film would end up being a story about my journey, which somehow came as a new thought for me as well.  I had always thought the story was more about Kevin, but in the end, it chronicled where Kevin's story left off, with his passing, and where mine picked up, with the pyramids, and the hope to change the world in Kevin's memory.   It became a mission to tell a story about epilepsy, loss, grief, recovery, and purpose.  For eight days, Dave, Ben, Sam and Kim listened as I rambled on, speaking of Kevin, our lives, epilepsy, joy and sorrow.  It was such a beautiful time for me - such a gift that they would listen and let me re-live those wonderful years of having Kevin with me.  Their love and support alone were healing forces, and brought me through the difficulties of remembering those last weeks and days with Kevin.  Just when I thought I was at the end of my grieving process, the film unpealed the deepest level of sorrow, and so I had to come face to face with all the events of the day of Kevin's death.  It was excruciatingly painful, yet, I always knew it was there, waiting for me to gather courage to examine.  I am grateful, beyond my ability to express, for being set free.  Last Pyramid  set me free.

    Thank you KIM, DAVE, SAM, and BEN.  With love and profound respect.