Created for the Benefit of Epilepsy Research, New Therapies and Awareness

Welcome to Kevin's Pyramids


My son, Kevin Andrew Mateczun, suffered for 7 years with epilepsy, prior to passing away in a drowning accident in 2001.  The pyramids were created over the next decade as I grieved his loss, and in 2011 were donated to the Epilepsy Therapy Project, which has since merged with the Epilepsy Foundation.  The purpose of the gift was to generate donations to fund research and new therapies in epilepsy, in Kevin's memory.

Originally published in 2012, and updated in 2017, a book entitled Kevin's Pyramids was written to accompany the pyramids, and to tell our story.   In 2014, a film entitled "Last Pyramid "   was created by the Epilepsy Foundation, to further promote epilepsy awareness. Throughout 2015, "Last Pyramid"  was shown in film festivals around the US and was recognized with numerous awards.    In 2016, a new initiative was developed through EF and the American Epilepsy Society called Kevin's Fellows.  This annual $50,000 grant goes to young researchers in epilepsy.  The donors at this level receive a pyramid in recognition of their generosity. 

Kevin Andrew Mateczun

December 6, 1984 - August 8, 2001